About Us

About Us

ModernGuild is reinventing the outdated entry-level recruiting process to optimize job outcomes for both candidates and companies. We train motivated college students to deliver workforce ready candidates with diverse backgrounds to companies at a fraction of the traditional cost. Candidates get 1-on-1 business training and job access for free. Companies get better quality of hires at a lower cost per hire. A win-win situation.

In the process, we help companies build a deeper talent brand, increase their sourcing reach, and amplify their qualification tools to improve quality and diversity of hires while reducing time and cost. The backbone of what we do is training and candidate assessments. Using our T.P.I. evaluation system, we regularly measure and predict candidates’ workforce readiness for entry level positions.

We have run professional development Accelerator programs for over 2,000 students across more than 50 campuses and have generated better job placement outcomes for both students and companies.

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