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Two-Sided Problem

Today’s entry-level recruiting creates sub-optimal outcomes for students and companies


How do I learn real world skills
to get ready for my future job?


How do I find workforce ready
candidates with diverse backgrounds?

Our Solution

We recruit, screen and train motivated college students to deliver a diverse selection of workforce ready candidates to companies at a fraction of the traditional cost

Amplified Brand Image

We openly promote your company as an innovative investor in student well-being and growth, amplifying and differentiating your company's image with millennials and positioning your company as a coveted place to work and start one’s career.

Greater Candidate Diversity

Using a multi channel approach focused on our key messages -- free, 1-on-1 training, interview access -- we attract a high number of quality applicants from diverse backgrounds at both your company’s target schools and top ranked, non-target schools.

Free Real World Training

With the support of our company partners, we offer accepted applicants a free 1-on-1 career readiness mentoring program where they are matched with industry professionals who build their— applicants’ Technical, Professional and Industry (T.P.I.) skill sets.

T.P.I. Evaluation System

Leveraging our experience with thousands of students and shared candidate data with companies, we’ve developed a proprietary evaluation and predictive tool that ranks students across multi criteria to determine the best candidates for hire.

Our Results

With over 2,000 student graduates across 50+ campuses, we have helped our company partners decrease their cost per hire by more than 2x.



of modernguild
students hired


Improvement IN
student T.P.I. scores



Of target positions


applicant pool

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