Financial Advisory

Financial advisory service teams support clients in building an effective and efficient finance function with a range of accounting, reporting and analytics services.In some organizations, the financial advisory team works in financial services, providing consulting services to financial services organizations (e.g. banks, wealth management firms, etc). In other organizations, the financial advisory team provides consulting services to the finance functions of organizations across a range of different industries.

Financial advisory services cover a wide range of accounting and reporting, transaction accounting, treasury, and corporate governance services that can help clients meet changing market conditions, demands for greater transparency and changing regulatory requirements.

Business Unit Overview

Describe the Role and How You Might Be Measured Against This.
How Can a Consulting Firm Invest to Best Support the Industry?
How Do I Keep Updated on Financial Information Around the Globe?
What is One of the Biggest Challenges Facing the Finance Industry?
Why Am I Interested in this Industry?
Why is Program Management Important?

Behavioral Interview Prep

What Are Two Interesting Things From Your Resume?
Give Me a Time I Got Feedback and Incorporated It.
How Would Your Professors and Peers Describe You?
What is a Project or Academic Accomplishment That You Are Most Proud Of?
What Are You Looking for in this Position and What Are My Short and Long-Term Career Aspirations?
What Was a Problem That You Faced and How Did You Solve It?

Technical Interview Prep

How Do Banks Make Money?
How Many Dogs Are There in New York?
On a Scale 1-10, How Do You Rate Your Excel Skills?
What is the Role of Each Financial Statement?
What Are the Types of Risks Banks Face & Manage?
Tell Me About Valuation Techniques.