Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital consulting involves advising organizations on topics related to HR, talent and other priorities that impact the company’s Human Capital, or its people. Human Capital consultants first analyze the current business landscape and, using data and industry insights, build people-focused solutions that are intended to drive organizational improvements in line with the overall business strategy. Just like other types of consulting, Human Capital consulting is client-facing with customers that may span a variety of industries and functions.

Business Unit Overview

How is HCC Different From a Traditional HR Function?
How Would You Describe a Typical Day of a Human Capital Consultant?
What Exit Opportunities Do You See for Human Capital Consulting?
What Makes a Human Capital Consultant Successful?
What Types of Challenges Do You Think You May Tackle as a HCC?
Why Human Capital Consulting?

Behavioral Interview Prep

Tell Me About a Time When You Were Faced With Completing a Task That Involved A Lot of Change or Ambiguity.
Tell Me About a Time When You Worked As Part of a Team.
Tell Me About a Time You Faced a Hard Deadline or Time Constraint.
Tell Me About Your Most Significant Work Accomplishment.
What Are Some of Your Main Strengths?
What Are Some of Your Main Weaknesses?

Technical Interview Prep

How Do You Build A Strong Relationship With Your Client?
What Do You Do When a Client Disagrees With Your Recommendation?
What Computing Skills Are Needed for Human Capital Consultants?
What Are the Important Factors for Measuring Success of a Project?
How Would You Approach A Project Ask You Have Not Seen Or Done Before?
Tell Me About Some Trends and Hot Topics in HCC.