Strategy Consulting

Strategy consultants advise clients on major changes to a business. Some major types of projects include new market entries, mergers & acquisitions, profitability assessments, cost and cutting measures.

Strategy consulting differs from other types of consulting (mainly technology, operational, or risk), because it tends to by higher-level and usually comes at the beginning of the “consulting project lifecycle.” Additionally, “pure strategy” consulting projects are becoming more rare, as most of the historical “pure strategy” projects now involve some operational/technical expertise.

Business Unit Overview

How Do Consulting Firms Make Money?
How Would You Explain What a Consultant Does?
How Would You Explain What a Typical Week of a Consultant Looks Like?
What Are Some of the Macroeconomic Changes That Are Currently Impacting Consulting Firms?
What Are the Key Skills Needed for a Consulting Analyst?
What is the Difference Between a Strategy and Technology Consultant?

Behavioral Interview Prep

Describe a Situation Where You Had To Be a Leader of a Situation. What Was the Result?
Describe a Situation Where You Worked With a Difficult Person. How Did You Overcome This?
Describe a Situation Where You Worked With a Difficult Person. How Did You Overcome This?
Outside of School, What Do You Like To Do?
Tell Me About a Time Where You Had to Manage Multiple Priorities?
What Skills Do You Have That Would Make You a Good Consultant?

Technical Interview Prep

A Company is Considering Divesting a Business Unit, What Are the Key Things They Should Think About?
A Company Wants to Enter a New Market, How Would You Recommend They Decide to Enter the Market?
How Many Couches Were Sold in the US Last Year?
How Many Passengers Fly Through Phoenix Airport on a Given Day?
How Would You Approach Valuing a Small Sports Equipment Company?
In the Next 15 seconds, What is Your Estimate of 96,521 x 101,981?