Finance Bootcamp Series

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    Candidate Enrollment  – Present through June 10
    Enroll in the Finance Bootcamp Series. Complete your MG profile and upload your resume. RSVP to finance bootcamp workshops.
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    Finance Bootcamp Workshops – June 14 through June 25
    Attend bootcamp workshops taught by one of MG’s lead mentors to learn about key business unit topics.
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    Mentor Office Hours* – Week of June 28
    Attend small group or 1:1 office hours with MG mentor. *Invite only
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    Company Interviews
    Depending on company needs, you may be selected to interview.

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Thank you for enrolling in the Finance Bootcamp Series

If you haven’t already, please complete or update your profile where needed by Thursday, June 10 at 11:59pm ET. Completing your industry profile increases our ability to advocate on your behalf.
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We will send invites to RSVP for company webinars and bootcamp sessions on Friday, June 11. For more details on the bootcamp series click the FAQ. Still have questions? Email us at If you have any technical issues, please contact the VidCruiter team

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